Case Study

Inside Out: How to Scale Your Value?

Wednesday, September 18th
13:45 – 14:30
Conference Room

Axians Portugal offers a wide range of ICT solutions and services. It has 600 employess and operates in Portugal, Mozambique and Angola. It was formerly Novabase IMS and was acquired by Vinci Group in January 2017. We then had the challenge to accelerate our integration within the group with a very humanistic tradition.We saw that as an opportunity to envision a new goal for the company - to be the preferred partner of our customers to help them made the digital transformation.

It involves a whole new mindset: more customer centric and business focused. Until know we acted in three domains: what we offer, how we sell and how we deliver: In our traditional offer, we developed a solution framework to communicate it value proposition in a more human centric way based on value proposition design and storytelling.

For new offers focused on industries sectors and new technologies, we created an offer creation framework from idea to go to market based on design thinking and business model generation frameworks and 2 new offers are being launched in the market.

In sales, we designed new sales materials and adapt our sales processes to a co-creation model with our customers and partners to engage better with them.

In the delivery side, we develop new proprietary tools for our projects that combine user experience, business and technology in a single framework that allows us to better facilitate meetings with different profiles within customer and reduce risks and costs of projects. We also redesigned the new recurring services experience in an open innovation model involving 30 people from outside, customers and all business units. We assembled a cross-functional team composed by 2 elements of my team and 12 of all business units that are the ambassadors. Each of them runs a pilot and then share the lessons learned to know what can be scaled for the entire organization. We co-designed with brand and HR a program identity called DNA Shakers to communicate the transformation purpose and linked that with company values and behaviors each one of us should have daily to embrace that vision.

In these 2 years, we reached more than half of the organization, all business units, rose NPS in 10 points, customer satisfaction in almost 15%, turnover in 3% and net income in 600%. People are innovating by themselves and we are now trying to link to employee satisfaction.