Desiging Enterprises for Better Futures: Conference Welcome

Tuesday, September 17th
09:30 – 10:00

What is a better future? While the answer is certainly a matter of personal stance, we all once set out to create it: designers, architects, engineers, and entrepreneurs alike. The practice of Enterprise Design seeks to help with just that, through enterprise-level innovation and transformation. As a community of practitioners, we have a hunch that by making enterprises more useful, meaningful, and beautiful — in short, well-designed — we can take a leap towards a better future, and make our work matter.

Just like all design disciplines, Enterprise Design is about creating better stuff, and improving the stuff that is already there. But the enterprise as the material and environment we design with requires us to work in a holistic and systemic fashion, dealing with complexity at scale, and keeping our eyes strongly fixated on desirable future outcomes. At the same time, we depend on the enterprise community we design with: we need to get our ambition across, and make these ideas accessible and easy to adopt.

Intersection brings together the best thinkers, tool-makers, craftspeople and leaders in the field. Over two days, we will exchange on shared challenges, approaches and experiences to solve this puzzle. To get started, Guro and Milan will introduce this year's agenda, and make the case for Designing Enterprises for Better Futures.