Remy Bourganel
Remy Bourganel Consultant for Mission-Driven Companies

Remy is driven by having a meaningful impact on society by developing empathy, engagement, reflexivity through digital technologies. He is particularly interested in the new frontiers of design enabling mission-driven companies, where data and meta-design help the inclusive governance of digital platforms. Remy pursues a dual career in business and education. He has set up several research-innovation groups, notably for Samsung; Nokia, where he has led numerous programs addressing systemic transformations, notably on emerging smart services relying on IA; as well as Orange, where he directed the design of Orange Vallée, the skunk work unit. He created the SociableMedia research program at Ensad-Lab / PSL, with around twenty researchers between 2009 and 2015, with collaborations with Orange, BellLabs and MIT, and contributed to the emergence of design research in France. He teaches metadesign at Sciences Po and Umea (Sweden).

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