Case Study

Trust the Process! - How to Do Anything by Building Fail-Safe Processes.

Tuesday, September 17th
15:45 – 16:30
Main Room

Holger Eggert made managers with no prior experience build five interactive, high-fidelity prototypes in less than two days. He made employees without prior experience present and discuss in front of C-level executives to rousing applause. He made teams without prior experience build and launch new products in less than two weeks. The secret to all these stories? A fail-safe process. In the current field of innovation and transformation work, the established wisdom is to focus on the Why, to focus on the vision and the goals. The discourse in our industry tends to focus on models and frameworks to achieve this. But in the triangle of Why/What/How, the How often gets neglected. It is here in the execution, where projects and initiatives usually fail despite the best intentions. Therefore it is here in the How, where we can have a huge impact on our work.

In this talk Holger Eggert will show how to set up and implement fail-safe processes for large-scale and small projects. He has done so for many corporations and teams over the past years and will share what works and what doesn’t. He will explain why Design Sprints work the way they do. And he will also explain how to get managers to draw human genitalia and why this is a good idea. In essence, this will be fun.