Master Class

Master Class: The Power of Outcomes-Driven Design

Tuesday, September 17th
11:00 – 13:15
Master Class Room

Enterprise Design is all about creating better outcomes from change. Outcomes for the enterprise itself, its customers and other stakeholders, and for the enterprise’s impact on the wider world.

From the moment that someone has an idea for a change, the design process has started. The more invested anyone becomes in a specific change happening – even if it is only expressed as a few words – the more constrained the design will become. In other words, the earlier Enterprise Designers get involved in change, the more they can impact the potential outcomes.

Chris’s masterclass will explore what executives and managers truly value about up-front and outcomes-driven design. What, indeed, is the ‘user experience’ of Enterprise Design itself, and where does it best contribute to people's ongoing journeys of investing in change? Is design empowering and inspiring them, as they set and achieve their goals for change, constraining them, or both?

Expect to leave the masterclass with some new perspectives, and answers, for how to maximise the contribution, influence and value of Enterprise Design.