Case Study

Restlessly Reinventing the Enterprise Cloud

Wednesday, September 18th
14:30 – 15:15
Conference Room

In mid 2018 IBM Cloud embarked upon a design driven journey to restlessly reinvent our Cloud Console. It's a story of team building, clashing cultures, loss, growth and rebirth. We used Enterprise Design Thinking to succeed on a quest that was initially deemed to be “impossible” by rallying multiple business units & disciplines to move in lock step around a shared vision to merge two portals into a singular console focused on user delight. We created cross org squads based directly on the user's journey and utilized UX design, user research, feedback sessions, empathy mapping, daily scrums, weekly progress playbacks, and technical interlocks to achieve our solution.

When you have nearly 700 teammates working on a shared vision, scale itself becomes a high risk / high reward scenario. In the end we saw a measurable improvement in our users ability to complete their tasks and also learned how to work better as a cross-organizational team.