Master Class

Master Class: Architectural Thinking

Wednesday, September 18th
13:45 – 16:00
Master Class Room

Nowadays, companies must be innovative and capable of quickly deploying technologies that produce business value. Driven by this demand, communities surrounding Agile and Design Thinking are growing rapidly. Both ideas are obsessed by time-to-market goals but do not answer the question of how their point solutions fit together to form a well-designed enterprise architecture - a prerequisite for sustainable business agility.

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) has always been trying to tackle these problems but is still an isolated discipline surrounded by the fog of bloated concepts providing only little practical advice.

In this session you will learn how the lightweight, collaborative, business-oriented Architectural Thinking Framework® tackles the challenge of conflicting time-to-market and sustainable business agility goals. It is open source, driven by a growing international community and enables traceability from business vision to technology implementation. The Architectural Thinking Framework®, available as a first draft, can be easily integrated into Agile methodologies. It provides detailed modeling guidelines that are based on the proven experience of many practitioners in various fields.