Case Study

Trusting Invisibility

Wednesday, September 18th
15:15 – 16:00
Conference Room

Most products and services are designed to be as seamless as possible. To the point of being invisible to end users. But how can we trust what we can’t see, or even understand? How do we balance the desire for simplicity with the need for transparency and accountability?

Designit, a global design agency, asked themselves how they could be a part of shaping the future, rather than reacting to it. Based on research with 42 external experts across continents, business, arts & humanities, they developed three critical future themes to guide further design work. Emilie Strømme Olsen is an award winning Service Designer from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design who will share key findings from one of the future themes - Trusting invisibility. She will share their global research and the first steps towards concrete guidelines for how to design a trustworthy future. Because we’re not here to predict the future. We’re here to make it!