Master Class

Master Class: Design Leadership Framework

Wednesday, September 18th
10:30 – 12:45
Master Class Room

The need for design leadership is massive and companies are investing a lot to give their design teams the organizational structures, processes and tools to deliver their best work.

When speaking to newly appointed design leaders, we hear one thing frequently: “Where do I start, what should I focus on?” But also well-established design leaders oftentimes struggle with identifying the right initiatives and measures to bring their team and the design work forward. Despite so many resources available, it seems, we could profit from a concise overview that shows at one glance what design leadership encompasses.

Introduced successfully at last year’s Intersection Conference, the Design Leadership Framework aims at tackling the above mentioned challenges. It gives a clear overview of the areas and aspects of the sometimes nebulous field of design leadership. The framework is based on a large literature study as well as conversations and surveys with design leaders from all over Europe.

With the help of the Framework, design leaders can more easily understand and assess the current state of their design organization. To quote one design leader from an agency context: “The framework is giving me a landscape of where I can develop my mastery and help my clients develop theirs.”

In this masterclass you will
  • Get an introduction to the latest, updated version of the Design Leadership Framework
  • Discuss the use of the framework for different contexts: agencies, start-ups and big organizations
  • Learn how the framework can help you to tackle different strategic challenges for the design organization (e.g. scale design org, improve collaboration, improve buy-in...)
  • Deep dive into selected aspects in group work
  • Brainstorm solutions to organizational problems
  • Exchange with other design leaders